America’s Selfish Fucknut Problem…


So is “fucknuts” one word, two words or hyphenated?

I am so fucking tired of people who talk about the government taking “their” money and how government should be run like a business. I hope this last shutdown has shown them some of the value of government so they can stop being such fucknuts.

Taxes are civilization.

They are you paying your debt to society for the framework it provides that creates the environment we all want.

Do you like drinking clean water?
Do you like driving on bridges that don’t collapse?
Do you like roads?
Do you like buying “olive oil” and it actually being olive oil?
Do you like ads that don’t make false claims?
Do you like cars that don’t randomly explode?
Do you like knowing if someone commits a crime they go to jail?

Civilization doesn’t magically happen. It takes money, skilled people to keep it running, and a society that RESPECTS the people who serve this country. The level of debate we are having in this country is so remedial it is sad.

Second, Government is not business, it CAN be very efficient but it many cases it should not be because it is providing a service to all of society in a way that private business would never do. Private business would watch your injured ass bleed to death if you don’t have money. That isn’t what we want as a society. Government is a platform, it is a platform that is meant to deliver results for its members. I wish we would stop having a debate over this and start respecting the people who work in OUR Government and the amazing work they do.

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