Strasbourg France: Snails, Wine, and Sun!


For the last month, we have been living in Strasbourg France and having a blast. Lindsey and I wanted to travel with Calico and had this planned for some time as our first big trip.

What was it like traveling with a 5-month-old?
Not too bad! Jet lag and sleep regression were TOUGH, but the rest was great. I think the best thing is we did not have much that was scheduled, we just flowed with things. The only time he got fussy was when we had to put him in a car seat when he was really hungry a few times. Calico is so curious about everything it was fun just to have him sit in the stroller and watch everything. Very rewarding :).

This picture might sum up Lindsey’s feelings when Calico was really squirmy after Lindsey had been up every hour from 1.30am to 5.30am and then we had to catch a train… The sleep regression sucked for Lindsey, esp with him feeding so much at night. I take him most mornings around 6.30am when he wakes up to give her some more rest and sleep in. We are going to work to stop that pattern now that we are home a bit more. It is a good thing he is so cute :).

What did we get up too?
Rose and Steve visited and we had a blast!!! So much good food and catching up :). They also scored Calico a sweet leprechaun onesie…

Corrin visited + Wine & Food & History Tours!
Corrin just graduated HS, and we had him over for 10 days. Lindsey took him on some little trips and then we all spent 2 days with a history, wine, and food tour. Our tour guide was great and really knew her wine.

WW1 Battlefield
I am really glad I was not around for that war, what a clusterfuck.

I also got the chance to take Corrin and family to Freiburg Germany in the Black Forrest. I lived there for a few months a few years back and the trail network was amazing. It was good to see it and I hope to be back one day with a bike. We got this family shot at some point there :).

What did I get up too?
I found out I LOVE snails. I think I could eat a plate of 12 along with some bread every day :)

I ended my job at Pressed in early June, and it was really nice to have a vacation where I didn’t have to work or be on call. I think this is the first vacation in 10+ years where I have not been on some form of on call. I read 30+ books over the month, and took Calico all over the city. I think we easily walked 3 to 7 miles a day. I also took a break from my strict Paleo AIP diet which was nice (i ate some really good food).

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