Big Aussie Trip: Great Ocean Road, Train Trip From Adelaide to Darwin, and Noosa on the East Coast.


Over Christmas and January my friend Tina visited and we took a big trip around Australia! We started in Melbourne (Kangaroo Christmas), then rented a car and drove around the coast on the Great Ocean Road, eventually ended up in Adelaide, took The Ghan train all the way from Adelaide to Darwin, and then flew to Noosa for a week on the beach. It was an amazing trip and here are a few of the pictures from it! The only bad part was I got a pretty bad cold during Christmas that lasted a week, but managed to loose it somewhere on the great Ocean road.

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Great Ocean Road
The most beautiful spot in Australia IMO. I’m heading back with Joel and Nick soon. We did this amazing tree top walk you will see a pictures from too.. And yes dinosaurs are still alive in Australia and we stopped at a big zoo area.

The Gahn & What Australia Looks Like From Adelaide to Darwin…
The Ghan was the highlight of the trip. It was 1,846 mile 3 day train trip with our own cabin and a great way to spend new years. Below are a bunch of pictures of what Australia looks like as we traveled over that 1800+ miles and some of the driving we did on the way to Adelaide from Melbourne. Plus we stopped at Alice Springs & Katherine for day trips. The pictures are in random order unfortunately but you will get the general idea.
*Even a pic so you can see how being stuck in traffic in Melbourne looks…

Darwin & Croc Territory
We ended up in Darwin and stayed there a few days, the town gives off a weird vibe. Kinda like Mad Max combined with alcoholics (lots of drinkers at 10am). Anyway, we went to a great zoo and fed giant crocs, plus got to hold a whole a lizard, and the cutest smallest little turtle I’ve ever seen.

Noosa & The Beach
Beautiful beautiful area, although quite a few jelly fish :). Some pictures of some amazing Bulgarian food that Tina made, a ginger hiding in his tent, something you don’t want to step on, beach I ran on almost every day, and our beach house + view where we spent a lot of time!

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