Georgia Acquarium And Trip Home


I didn’t have the best trip home, as best I can tell some Subway I ate was no good and ended up in Atlanta laying on the floor for 12 hours with stomach cramps and hugging the toliet. After 12 hours of that I finally got a few hours of sleep and woke up weak but not dieing. Which was good as I had another two days of driving to do and this only added one extra day to the drive home.

I spent the next day going to the Atlanta Aquarium which is one of the best in the country! I really liked it but I still think the one in Thailand was better in number of exhibits, the Georgia one just had lots of really really big areas. It was still an awesome place and I highly recommend it, just check out the photos to see how big the place is. I believe they currently hold the record for the largest tank and they have a 9 foot Manta Ray that will grow to 27 feet.

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