Lyon, Bordeaux, and home!


We are back home in Portugal!!!

It is so nice to be home :). I love working from my office with a nice office chair and a big monitor.

Aix was a bit of a bust for us, we had some great times with Marton and Vera, but it was super hot and not a great setup for Calico. So we left a few days early to go check out Lyon and Bordeaux as we slowly drove toward home. I also took the week off so that I could spend time with Calico. We haven’t gotten as much time together as I would have liked this year. And, Lindsey needed some downtime to explore those cities and see what she wants in a more permanent home.

Beach near Aix (and some park shots)

We had a wonderful time at a beach near Aix. I love swimming with Calico and I tried to get him started on learning how to swim (he needs some lessons)! And, the other two photos are from a Japanese garden where Calico could play in the stream.

Lyon France

Calico and I ate at an amazing French Vietnamese place. Calico tried Wasabi (a little too spicy for him right now). And, I took him to a museum which I haven’t gotten to do much with him on this trip. He put on his Egyptian hieroglyphics goggles and made up an entire story from what he could read. We spent the afternoon chasing after a magical crow while trying to avoid the cat that winked at us.

And, I managed one bike ride along the river.

Bordeaux France

Bordeaux clicked for both Lindsey and me which is a really good sign :). We think it is a good place for a long term home and digging into some research into all of that.

I had a blast with Calico and managed a really nice bike ride on a converted rail trail.

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