Day 15, 16, 17, and 18 (home) – Camino


These were goregous rides next to the ocean and then on an eco via path up to Viseu along a river. I am really glad I did this route. Much better than tackling the mountains from the other side, as this way I was able to follow an old railroad track which is built with gradual gradients. 

Day 15

This was a long ride, about 96km over 5 hours and 33 minutes (489m in elvation). Total time was 7 hours 30 minutes as I stopped for a long lunch on the seaside.

Day 16

I spent this day in Ovar resting, I seemed to be alergic to chocalate as it always screws up my stomach. I had a late lunch on Day 15 and I had a slice of dessert that has only a little chocolate but enough to mess me up. So my stomach was not happy that night and fine the next day but glad I didn’t push through it as the next ride was pretty hard too.

Day 17

Another long ride, 75km over 4 hours and 54 minutes (646m elevation gain). That said, this was fairly easy as it follows the Ecovia Sever do Vouga and it never hits crazy gradients. I was tired after this one and crashed early. The last 20km was a pretty steady climb.


Day 18 (Home)

The rest of the Ecovia Sever do Vouga and about 55km over 3 hours and 41 mintues. Along with 600m of elevation gain. Some rough terrain on the path at some parts, but always fun. It was a little rainy today but luckily nothing more than getting spit on.




  • I saw a fox! That is the first real wildlife I’ve seen in Portugal (which is weird as I ride a lot but I guess a lot of people around). It was a big fox and popped out of a cornfield as I was riding by.
  • Several downed trees on path I had to carry my bike over. One had even crushed the fence and looked recent.
  • One bridge that was blocked but looked ok to me, but i couldn’t get around it so went down to another road to bypass…
  • Portugal is a beautiful country, just amazing :)
  • The ecovia path to the beach is going to be amazing once they finish it. Some parts of it were super chunky with huge rocks right now though. I look forward to when they actually pave it (they say by next year but we shall see).

Glad to be home and I’ll post a summary one of these days :)

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