Day 6 – Camino


I had an easy ride today, it started off foggy and like I was biking through a  wet cloud and then opened up into a beautiful sunny day. I was a bit zapped after yesterday and it was nice to have a chill day.

I made it to Ourense which we visited 3 years ago or so on a road trip around this area. I wish the hot springs were open but they are closed due to Covid (hopefully open soon). Ourense is in a Volcanic crater, so riding out tomorrow will be some work :). 

I also met up with Lisa Wright, her husband, and her mom for lunch which was great! Lisa did an awesome list for Shepherd on the magic of Galacia (check it out as her 3rd comes out in October!)


A little over 38km in 2 hours and 13 minutes. Only 419m of elevation.


Not many today, just did some riding that was 95% old road. Very peaceful with not many cars. I am curious on how the next 2 days go as it didn’t look like much gravel. I will be doing around 52km both days to Santiago. Then taking a few days there.

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