This kinda made my day :)


Peter Grose is an amazing author and he has created two awesome lists for Shepherd:

He wrote up a really nice blog post about Shepherd and me. It really made my day as it capture a big part of why I started the website and what I hope it can help impact. I am hopeful that I can play some small role in restoring America, as it has lost its way and no longer represents the values I was raised to believe in.

I am a very optimistic person and it takes a lot to phase me. But, I had a terrible day this month when an author was incredibly abusive. It was a very weird experience and they were obviously dealing with something that caused them to react in such a way. I ended up having to cut them off and it was a bad day. I am always grateful for people like Peter and the 99.999% of authors who are supportive, kind, and respectful.

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