Republicans attempt COUP. Traitors.


Is anyone really surprised?

Trump attempts a coup with the backing of the Republican party. The Republican party has spent decades spreading conspiracies and lies. This is Fox News, this is Breitbart, this is the last 30 years of propaganda aimed at growing cult followers. They have succeeded wildly.

As Americans we need to ask ourselves, can someone be an American and a Republican? Because from my current vantage point the answer is no. Republicans do not support democracy and are not intent on defending the country.

If you are a Republican you need to ask yourself some hard questions. Are you an American or are you going to continue to be a Republican? Do you support democratic elections and freedom, or are you a fascist who wants a coup?

As a Republican, you are going to have to EARN your way back into American society and citizenship. You have failed on every score as an American citizen. You elected a racist fascist vapid human being in 2016 and you continued to cheer him despite every piece of evidence of his true colors. In 2020 more people voted for this fascist. If you voted for him you are complicit. If you voted for him you are a traitor and a coward. Never forget what Republicans have done.

I want to see REAL action from Republican leadership. Else they are complicit and traitors. Sure Romney and Moscow Mitch and Pence can make a good speech, can they act, can they do anything meaningful? If they don’t we know what they are, traitors to this country.

Impeach him NOW and REMOVE him from this office.

Execute the 25th Amendment NOW.

Further, the Senate and House need to clean house. Members who support a coup should be stripped of their position per the constitution and at the very least censured and tried in a court of law.

Read this account of the coup.

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