May you live in interesting times…


Wow, what an interesting time to be alive!

  • China might be in a recession, but we won’t know because of stats. Major slow down at least.
  • The EU might be in a recession, we will find out soon.
  • Trump has shut down the government over a symbolic border wall.
  • In a trade war with China, for good reasons, but I don’t really trust Trump and his staff of stupid to do this right.
  • Brexit with a hard exit fast approaches.


  • Populism is growing around the world due to politicians ignoring the economics of inequality for the last 25 years.
  • Global warming is fast approaching some scary lines.
  • The USA is being crushed by student loans & an insanely broken health care costs.

  • Get a drink and sit back! This is going to be a fun one…

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