Comedy is supposed to be challenging.


I highly recommend this great article on “The New War on Comedy”. Here is a quick excerpt…

Comedy has had a well-understood purpose: to entertain, to push boundaries and to keep us honest. Historically, the court jester was the one person allowed to publicly mock the all-powerful king perched upon the golden throne. It is for this reason that when a storyteller wants to illustrate a ruler’s descent into madness, we see him begin to turn his ire towards the lowly jester…

I love comedians… IMO comedy is the ultimate speaking truth to power because it can play so much with boundaries and areas that we are afraid to talk about as a society. Plus I think the media is doing a shit job of it lately (FB isn’t helping).

Louis CK has gotten a lot of flack for a bit on the Parkland shooting survivors and trans people and that pisses me off because it was funny and it was taken out of context. The full bit is in the article above. I am *very* afraid of people that don’t have a sense of humor, generally, I think they are the same type of people who started the Spanish Inquisition or Holocaust. It used to be mostly converatives and evangelical Christians, it blows my mind that it is spreading to these super PC students. The media blows this shit out of proportion but I see it with my younger sister and it worries me when people can’t laugh at themselves or get a glimpse into the deeper irony or hilarity of a hard situation. Even if they are the ones in the joke.

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