Goodbye Facebook.


I’ve wanted to quit Facebook for a long time…

I used to love Facebook as it was a great way to see what friends were up too, share things with friends, and feel connected. As FB added every person on earth it stopped being useful. I am just tired of a newsfeed that serves no purpose. None of my friends or family really post personal updates and I don’t want to waste my time with it. I am also not happy with the way it is being used by foreign and domestic tyrants/terrorists.

I have to have Facebook for work, and there are some groups you just can’t replicate outside of FB, but I don’t want to keep reading such useless drivel. So I am removing all my “friends” from it and breaking that functionality. That way it is just a place to jump on a group for work events or manage an ad campaign. I also have concerns over humanity’s ability to use tools like this for good.

Goodbye FB, I hope you don’t break humanity.

Update – What a great move, I feel no *desire* to visit FB after this move. I only use it for some work groups.

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