Fantastic 6 book series about Greece and the Greco-Persian wars around 500 BCE…


Christian Cameron is one of my favorite authors. His “Traitor Son Series” about the Red Knight is one of my favorite book series and one where I was sad to even read the last book because I did not want to say goodbye to such amazing characters and have nothing more to read about them. I do not know why I waited so long to read more of his books and the minute I picked up Killer Of Men, the first book in the Long War series, I was thrown into an utterly amazing story. The story starts with a young farm boy named Arimnestos, Arimnestos is a historical figure who was the commander of the Plataean contingent during the Greco-Persian wars. Christian creates a 6 book fictionalized series about him and they are utterly amazing books. I will probably read them again in a few years :).

I highly recommend you read these books. Not only are they amazingly well written with characters you will fall in love with, they walk you through a really interesting period of history. You might even notice Herodutus peak his head in.

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