Asiago Cheese = Fav Cheese


I love the taste of Asiago cheese, it almost has this bitter nutty taste at the end. The longer it is aged the more I like it :). Along with Manchengo, it is some of my favorite cheese. I finally decided to dig into it’s history & locale and here is what I learned…

What is it? It is an Italian cheese made of cow milk. The only authentic asiago cheese is made in the alpine region of the Asiago plateau in Italy (they have a EU DOP to stipulate that is the only place that can really call itself Asiago – EU DOPs are fascinating in themselves btw). There are some places in the USA that call themselves Asiago but are not, and they will taste much different than true Asiago (verified). Asiago can be aged or served fresh (I like aged).

Map of region in top of Italy’s boot:

History? They can trace it back to around the year 1000 from that region in Italy. It started off being from goat milk, but by 1500 cows replaced it. Why did they switch? Cows are gentle chewers of grass and stopped digging up the valuable grass roots. Crazy.

It can be hard to find, and impossible to order online still :(

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