Workout Summary 2016.


For 2016, I did a total of 166 hours of tracked workouts. January was a total wash, but by February I was in Colorado and doing a lot more hiking (especially with Daniel). I moved into our house in Boulder in July and LOVE the surrounding trail network. I also started riding a cheap exercise bike I got late in the year and making sure I am doing “big” workouts 3x to 4x a week. It feels really good to sweat again :). Fun stats:

  • I hiked/walked 299 miles this year.
  • I biked for 25 hours this year (I just got started end of year).
  • Over the entire year I ascended 45,997 feet, which is less than last year but not too bad given I walked about half what I did in 2015.

  • I’d love to pick up Yoga again, I was doing it 3x a week, but medical peeps told me to lay off for now. I am starting to think they don’t know what they are talking about though. Ditto for running, they told me at the start of the year after another MRI that I shouldn’t ever run due to the pounding. I think I am just going to have to figure this out on my own.

    What are my workout goals for 2017?

    1. Continue my big workout + foundation training 4x a week (and do them before I start work). Plus my daily rehab practice.

    2. Figure out what I can do that isn’t going to tear up my back further (and that I hopefully enjoy as much as running). I would be ecstatic if I could do 3 to 5 mile trail runs, but that might not be possible. I am going to talk to a trainer and see if I can find someone who has experience with annular disc tears.

    3. Think on a big bike or walking trip and what I need to do to prepare for that. I am thinking about getting a folding mountain bike and doing a big ride in Europe toward the end of 2017 possibly.

    Past years: 2014 and 2015 workout summary.

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