Amend The Constitution?


I just finished reading a great book on how prohibition was passed and then repealed. Partially because I wanted to see what tactics they used, and partially to see how it was even possible. Some of the moves echo what is happening to Cannabis, as well as some of what is needed to pass meaningful political election reform (possibly). It was funny to see the despicable things done, it doesn’t seem to different from what people with a cause do now.

There is some very interesting stuff happening on the state level too, the Koch brothers have been funding some work quietly to call a constitutional amendment meeting. They are getting pretty close, but what is most interesting is they wouldn’t control the agenda of that meeting. More than likely this would result in gridlock given how opposed the two sides are of what needs to be done, but if you want to learn more read this. Liberals have seen this an opportunity to overturn the Citizens United ruling, and really clamp down on the money in politics.

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