What is the American dream? What is the world’s dream?


Is this the american dream? America’s Workers: Stressed Out, Overwhelmed, Totally Exhausted.

We are all “rich” and yet we keep pushing for more, what is the point? I talk to person after person who is stressed, working nights, and generally pushed beyond the breaking point week to week. Why do we do this? What are we trying to achieve? 3,000 sq foot houses? 5,000 sq foot houses?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately over what the american dream is at this stage, and what the world’s dream is? This is a really challenging question, the american dream seems bloody and broken and hollow. Everyone abroad knows it is broken but doesn’t know what else to march towards.

What does the american dream mean to me at this point?

– My kids have a future where they can pursue what they want to pursue that makes the world fun/better/enjoyable. They might not make a lot of money, but they can live well, raise a family, receive health care for their passion in life.
– Education is as cheap as possible and key to providing a range of all things to pursue. Art might not seem like it pays off, but it has unlimited payoffs long term and for the world at large. We can’t just replace it with more business students and expect an awesome world.
– My kids have a future where they don’t have to wear breathing masks to go outside.
– My kids have a future where they don’t have to go shoot people at age 18.
– My kids have a future where they have a say in the direction of the future of the world.
– My kids have a future where don’t have massive debt that chains them to one choice in life.
– My kids don’t have to worry about their health care. It is part of taxes.
– Politics are heavily regulated to keep corruption to a minimum. Term limits of one term, and other items to keep them inefficient and full of optimism. And we cut off the head of anyone who takes a bribe maybe.

I would like to see a good Basic Income Test, I think it might really bring a huge bloom of new ideas and advances for society at large. Robotics needs to advance even further to enable this though. And it will be a really rough transition on some people, and some industries, before people change up.

Anyway, just some thoughts for a Monday night. Been a rough decade for the ‘American Dream’, and I can’t wait to see what happens over the next 20 years :).

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