Singapore Trip 2013!


I jumped over to Singapore last month to visit a friend + swing by a SoftLayer DC to take a look (we use them for servers). It was an AMAZING trip! Michael, Angela, and baby Daryl are the best hosts in the world :)

Back in 2008 I visited Singapore (I was on the way to see my brother, mom, and sis in Taiwan (Nick was teaching there)). It was a fantastic trip where Michael introduced me to Peking Duck and some of the best food I’ve ever had. And luckily I got to see/eat even more this time. It is crazy how much the city has grown since then. When I picture Singapore I think of the city in Ghost in Shell and I don’t think that is far off the mark. It feels very futuristic sometimes.

Amazing Building
They built this giant casino resort that at any moment looks like it is going to take off just like the flying aircraft carrier in avengers. I couldn’t stop staring at this thing, it is one of the most amazing buildings I’ve ever seen. Right up there with the Pyramids and the Brooklyn bridge.

And the view from the top of said amazing building…

And the awesome greenhouse and other areas below said amazing building…

I can’t say that enough about the food in Singapore, it has to be the best food in the world! The combination of cultures is amazing. The best Indian food I’ve ever had by far, the best Chinese food, etc etc. We did a small road trip to Malacca Malaysia too and I was shown even more delicious food. It was hard to find room for it all :). If you haven’t tried Sambal yet please do (spicy and good on Sting Ray).

Malacca Malaysia and night market!
And here are a few shots from Malacca Malaysia! Which was a great road trip and I’m hoping to make it back here at some point to explore more.

Plus the best part was hanging out with Michael, Angela, and little Daryl. It’s been a while since I got to throw my little sister up in the air and make funny faces at her (prob hasn’t been too long on that one). Daryl is an awesome kid with some great parents :)

Oh, and this is the doorway I want to my house/fort/office :):


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