Guess who turned 30!


It doesn’t feel so bad, I’m probably in better shape then any other point of my life, even with death sitting on my shoulder ;). Plus just imagine how awesome my mid life crisis is going to be considering I buy night vision goggles and python skinned cowboy boots in my teens and twenties. Certainty something to look forward too.

I also made some plans for the next couple years. I’ve been wanting to travel some more and spend another year abroad. So in late December or January I’m going to head down to Nicaragua for a while to visit Joel and Laura. And then travel around Central and South America until late May. I will spend at least a month in both Argentina and Brazil, and I’m still working on other locations (probably Uruguay/Chile, and hopefully Panama to visit a friend). Then in May/June I’m heading to Australia for a year as I got my visa to go there! I haven’t done any reading yet but I believe they have nothing poisonous or deadly on the entire continent, just cuddly little koala bears.

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“Guess who turned 30!”

  1. Avatar August 21st, 2011 at 2:04 pm April Says:

    australia’s top 10 most dangerous animals:
    1. box jellyfish
    2. irukandji (jellyfish)
    3. salt water crocodile
    4. blue ring octopus
    5. stone fish
    6. red back spider
    7. brown snake
    8. tiger snake
    9. great white shark
    10. funnel web spider

    and i’m adding dingos to the list!

  2. Avatar August 21st, 2011 at 2:06 pm April Says:

    and the platypus has venom!

  3. Avatar August 21st, 2011 at 2:24 pm bwb Says:

    i just wanted to confirm i have no plans to wrestle a platypus…

    who names a snake so deadly a “brown snake”, should be like “most deadly don’t go outside or look at it funny snake”, or knowing australia it should be a “schawanlkjalkja snake”.

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