Surfing, Aquarium, And Bye South Africa


Well today is the World Cup final and hopefully tomorrow I’m going on a hike/drive out to Cape Point and then flying to Ireland on Tuesday and then Denver a few days later. The games have been amazing and Cape Town very friendly. South Africa has a lot of possibilities and an amazing population, but also a lot of challenges, hopefully they are able to overcome them! I’ll be rooting for them!

I went surfing for the first time last week which was awesome, it was way easier then snow boarding and caught my first wave in the first 2.5 hours (good instructor too). I fell on the other 50 waves but falling is almost as fun when the bottom is sandy. The waves picked up the second half of the day and after getting hammered a few times and after my feet went numb I switched to a boogie board. Fun day and going to try to spend an entire week learning to surf at some point soon (some place with warmer water). They had a very nice shark warning flag system too, really makes you feel safe… Also, wet suits are awesome and make you feel like a ninja.

Yesterday we went to the Cape Town aquarium which was awesome, I love aquariums. Then ate all you can eat sushi with some friends and watched the third place game. Good night!

And, I’m so glad Uruguay lost again, Suarez tried his best to drive and cheat and ruin the spirit of the game further against the German, I hope Karma’s cold grip haunts him the rest of his life.

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